September 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse Super Moon

Went out to take some pictures of the total eclipse tonight. By time the moon was in full eclipse it was high in the sky. So taking a high quality closeup has its challenges. Also it’s Sunday night and I really didn’t feel like driving far out-of-town to get rid of some light pollution so I had that to contend with also. But it was a beautiful night and cool to watch with the naked eye.


Summer Canoe Trip to the Boundary Waters National Park

This summer I had the opportunity to go to the Boundary Waters on a week-long canoe trip. The first day we got up at 4:00am and made our way to entry point 16. This is a picture after we portaged our canoes from the truck to the entry point on the river. It was a nice clear cool morning perfect for canoeing. We canoed the first day to our base camp on Lac La Croix. We setup our camp on an island close to the Canadian border.

The small pile of rocks in the lake on the right side of the picture is the US/Canada border.


We hiked over to the top of “Warrior Hill” in Canada. It is the rocky hill in the above picture. This is a picture of the campsite we stayed at and our own private island taken from the top of Warrior Hill.

While we were hoping to see lot’s of wildlife, especially bears, wolves, and other predators that could eat us we were not so lucky. We did see our fair share or squirrels, chipmunks, and Beavers.

Even though we had some rough weather. The scenery was incredible. It was so nice to be unplugged for an entire week and just enjoy nature.

Time-Lapse From Our Campground In The Boundary Water

During our second day at our campground on Lac La Croix in the Boundary Waters we had a massive storm system move in. The wind and rain lasted 36hrs causing us to take shelter for much of the storm. This is a time-lapse of just before the storm and just after the storm cleared out.



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Dubuque County Fair 2015

We went to the County fair a couple of weeks ago. I just got around to posting the pics. It was the perfect night not to hot or humid and was not crowded at all.

And what is a Midwest county fair without races.

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Wild Bunny Feeding on Fallen Apple

An apple fell off of our tree yesterday. A rabbit wasted no time coming down and eating it. The bunny ate the entire apple in less than five minutes.

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Venus and Jupiter encounter one another in the night sky

I went out to watch Venus and Jupiter make their close encounter with one another tonight. While I don’t have a lens that can get close enough to pick up the detail of the planets it was cool to watch with the naked eye. The second brightest object in the sky (The Moon) could not be outdone either. My camera is good enough to get some pictures of the moon. This is one of the pictures I captured of the moon while watching the night sky tonight.


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